III: Domĭni Ascensiōnem

by Dødkvlt

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Joulupukki This is an exceptionally brilliant album, each track is excellently composed. With Heavy frosty riffs, and layered with haunting ethereal keyboards, the production is pristine and resonant. I also like the rhythm section the bass is really prominent throughout the whole album! This is some of the best Black Metal I have heard. 10/10
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released June 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Dødkvlt Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Dark Void Architect
Come forth my son
You have nothing to fear
For the death that you faced
Purified you

Cleansed by the black flames
of my eternal
The weakness lifted
From your soul

Before you
The tools of revolution at hand
know that the hatred inside
Is the key

and dead
Risen as a Phoenix
From thy ashes

Craft them bleakest fevers
Dark Void Architect
lift us from our emptiness
and bless us with thy holiness

A plague to non-believers
Dark Void Architect
Craft us life anew
and guide us through
the dark into the other side

King of unholy crimson
has awakened
from his slumber
granting us the light
to guide us through

Plant the seeds of doom
Deep within the earth
see chaos in bloom
and witness my rebirth

Take us beyond this life
Dark Void Architect
rip our souls apart
and make us see
the lies that weve been fed

Cleanse us with thy wisdom
bless us life anew
eternally we serve thee
Dark Void Architect!

Long told prophecy
Of a Death and rebirth
The scorched earth is
gleaming in the distance

The fate was fulfilled
But not without sacrifice
A new life formed from
ashes of past

Drowning the world
that they molded
and raped with their
false gods and twisted

From depths of the abyss
behind the seal thats been broken
a womb preserved a new life
now unleashed into this world

King of the unholy crimson
has awaken from his slumber
Granting us the light
That guided us to reformed life

I will paint my mission statement
on the face of the earth with crimson
Red streams across the land
Behold the change at hand
Track Name: A Curse Upon This Wretched World
I bid my past farewell
as I plunge into unknown
a trial of strenght and will
my faith is to be shown
a walk through burning woods
devotion undoubtable
a dive into darkest cold
dedication unbreakable

O god, watch me as I defile my temple
for my body I mutilate
O god, tonight we go all the way
to the marrow of the bone

I carve my pledge of allegiance
deep into my flesh
my body a tool of destruction
and the cuts are still fresh

This is the day
when I will say
"there is no other way"
behind the smoke
I shall invoke
a curse upon this wretched world!

This is the day
when I will say
"there is no other way"
beneath the cloak
I shall invoke
a plague across this blackened earth!

Crafter of dark voids
grant me thy light
and strength to carry on
thy wisdom, sight

The only light of hope
disappears to distance
drifting out of reach
almost admitted my defeat

now the rays of light
blinding my both eyes
hope within my reach
never faced defeat

I shall prove myself worthy
Ill face any challenge
you place upon my path
I will prove thee
that no one nor nothing
will break my will
or make me turn back
on my chosen path
Track Name: As I Descend Into The Bottomless Void
Nails desperately try to dig within these walls
A bloody trail is all achieved
This void of betrayal seems deeper with each day
All I can do now Is just pray

I cannot find my way out of here
The fading rays of sun are slowly flowing into horizon
I cannot find my way out of here
The light disappears
far from here
Aid me to breathe

As I draw the sweetest last breaths
The hours crawl on by
Minutes piercing through me
Like rusted dulled out knives
60 nails a minute
Driven to my spine
Drowning in the bottom of the hourglass
The sand is filling my lungs

Dwelled here for days
For weeks and months
Ive always been here now it seems
Lying motionless on bloodstained damp cold ground
Cannot be found despite these screams

As I descend
Further and deeper
This uphill crawl
Is growing steeper

Aid me to breathe
Grant me light
Aid me to see
I have been blind

This bottomless void of betrayal ends here
I will crawl myself to the surface
To taste the tainted air
Not giving in to despair
Track Name: Enlightened
Crawling my way up
From pit of betrayal
I gasp for the air
Just To breathe

A lifetime in darkness
Has left my eyes blinded
To truth that would set me free

We know the way
We know this is the day
This is our final stand
To take deaths hand

Slowly but surely
the darkness will fade
and light of day

Destined to die
and kill the void of the lie
The answer is
finally clear

We are enlightened
We are the ones who survived the fall
We faced the emptiness
And saw the light behind the wall
No hope
No future
The hour before the fall
Divides us all

The dusk dissolves into a night
A new black dawn to bring back light
To harness chaos that brings peace
Into our long and winding path

I have learned
My final fate
To lead me on
Its not too late
Now it is clear
The light it reappears
And shows me that its time
To play my part
Track Name: Abysmal Mausoleum

Finally woke up
from this shallow grave
of my deceit
I saw the light
behind the wall
to face my
former selfs defeat

Forcing these
eyes to open
and these bloodstained
hands to work
My final goal is drawing near
I have nothing left to fear

Not life
nor death
will turn me back
on this chosen
pitch-black path
I know my mission
this im sure
I drift across
the distant shores

To awaken
him within
and break
out of the
shell of weakness
I must look
Death in the eye
and take his
hand to lead
me to the other side

My earthly carcass
just a grave
hollow empty
without a name
to seek for
powers greater
than the ones
provided here

I must enter
waters black
and drag my true self
from its depths
These step with
confidence I roam
this is the seed
that I have sown

Promise of doom
finally bloom
within this
cold ground
roots will spread
across the nations
soon will weep
and seek forgiveness
hidden deep

No room for error
as the dawn of terror
is claiming its leader
to come to the reigns

Make no mistake
for the world he will claim
as the throne of the ancient one
led by the chosen son

I have learned
My final fate
To lead me on
Its not too late
Now it is clear
The light it reappears
and shows me that its time
to play my part

To rebuild
I must deconstruct
the pieces
put together
in the their places
back in line
forming the face
that always

Beneath the layers
of our lie
that little part of me
I dive head first
into the light
and fight
the pain that fills me

Throughout my body
soon reborn
now torn to
little shreds
I know my way
right through the watershed
that guides my path
to new dawn

Of the knowledge
that I posses now
granted to me by thee
I see the true meaning
of all that
I have learned
from pieces reassembled

Sacrifice myself
To face rebirth
What once was will fade away
In depths of dirt
Track Name: Final Seal Broken
Staring at the shoreline
The gate to new tomorrow
Embracing darkness whispering
my name

Within the very depths of its
vast blackness lies the truth
The key to open questions
longing for an answer

This is my final plead
Open your eyes and look at me
Drowning in blackness of the sea
Just let me drift into the deep
Final seal broken filled my task
This life was never meant to last
Open your eyes let go of me
Just let me drift into the deep

Drown your sorrow
No tomorrow
Flood the world
that they built
Waters black

Winds so freezing howling
as I plunge into unknown
The final seal soon broken
and my faith finally shown

Fist of doom knocking
on the gates of eternal slumber
The empire of my sorrow
crumbles into dust

Plant the seeds of doom
Deep within the earth
Cover me in dirt
And witness my rebirth
Like carcass in the ground
I leave myself behind
A new found inner peace
Has killed the former me